Phase 2: Corrective

When you’re ready for phase 2 care at Shields Chiropractic in Saginaw, MI, you’ll be much more comfortable than you were when you started chiropractic treatment. You may still experience brief recurrences of pain, but overall you’re on the path to wellness.

During phase 2, you will come in for chiropractic adjustment for spinal alignment, manual therapy to start working the muscles on each side of the spine, or treatment for whatever we’ve discovered is the underlying problem for your symptoms. 

During phase 2, your doctor is looking for ways for you to be more involved in your care. Your office visits will be less frequent, and you might be able to enhance and complement your therapy with rehabilitation exercises and stretches at home.  This phase can last from two months to two years, depending on the severity of your condition and the length of time you’ve had it. Realigning the spine takes time, so be patient with your body as it heals.

Goal for Phase 2

Phase 2 is directed toward correcting the underlying cause of your pain and restoring your body to full function, including range of motion. Your body is not yet fully healed, so treatment is aimed at healing and resolving the problem that has been causing you pain.

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