Products for Your Health

At Shields Chiropractic, we want to offer you options for increasing your health and comfort. Stop by our office to take a look at our selection of wellness products, or call 989-781-7700 for pricing.

Chiroflow Professional Waterbase Pillow

The Chiroflow Waterbase pillow is clinically proven to improve sleep and reduce neck pain. Only Chiroflow pillows are filled with exclusive StāLoft Dacron Hollofil for superior comfort and long-lasting support. Each pillow comes with a three-year manufacturer's warranty as well as a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This chiropractic pillow augments the treatment of patients with cervical pain by providing proper cervical support while improving sleep.

Biofreeze® Products

Biofreeze® Pain Relieving products offer deep penetrating, long-lasting pain relief from arthritis, sore muscles and joints, backaches, and more.

Using a cooling menthol formula, Biofreeze® products relieve pain in sore muscles for several hours. Biofreeze® pain relief products are greaseless, stain-free, and have a vanishing scent. It is 100% paraben-free and contains no propylene glycol or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.

Custom Orthotic Insoles From Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers custom orthotics allow you to stand, walk, or work without pain. They are shock absorbent and evenly distribute your weight, helping improve posture instantly — which takes the pressure off your lower back. Foot Levelers orthotic insoles are clinically proven to increase blood circulation in the foot, ease the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, and also help cure and prevent diabetes sores.

Standard Process Supplements

Standard Process Supplements are created with time-tested formulas and whole food ingredients to provide safe, effective, high-quality nutritional support. Stop in our office and complete a systems survey form and consult our doctors.

Biocatalin Lotion

BioCatalin Lotion is an enzyme-based topical lotion that is easy to use, leaves no residue, and has a mild scent. The preservation system is clean and innovative, protecting the integrity of the enzymes, and BioCatalin Lotion is used by many practitioners when massaging into tender areas such as muscles and joints.

Core Products Foam Roll

Great for a variety of comfort and support applications. Tuck under the neck, back, knees, or ankles for a comfortable night's sleep or when recuperating from an injury. The small profile makes it easy to achieve proper support without adding extra bulk.  Each roll consists of precision-cut foam in a cotton/polyester cover.

Make Your Life More Comfortable

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