Tips for a Healthier & Happier Halloween

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October 24, 2023
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This Halloween, you can experience all the joy of the spookiest time of year with a healthier focus. Setting rules for eating trick-or-treat candy, offering healthier candy alternatives, and addressing pain from walking on Halloween night can all help you enjoy your evening to the fullest. 

Tips for a Happier and Healthier Halloween

Set Boundaries for Candy

When you’re trick-or-treating with the kids, you know you’re going to wind up with a lot of candy. That’s why it’s important to set ground rules, both in terms of what they take and what they eat. Limit them to taking just one piece at each house, and encourage them to not take too much when a homeowner offers more. 

After the night ends, be sure to inspect their haul to make sure everything is properly wrapped and safe. Since you want to avoid giving your kids too much sugar before bed, limit them to just a piece or two and keep control over the distribution of sweets until it’s all gone. And if you sneak a piece or two for yourself, make sure you’re practicing moderation as well. 

Offer Healthier Candy Alternatives

Chances are good that most houses in the neighborhood will be passing out name-brand candy bars packed with processed sugars. If you’re handing out candy and you want to provide a counterbalance, you can offer up healthier candy or alternatives to candy. 

Dark chocolate is a healthier candy option because it’s rich in minerals and antioxidants—not to mention tasty. You can also offer organic and low-sugar versions of popular styles of candy. Or, if you want to avoid candy altogether, you can hand out other crowd-pleasers like organic cheese crackers, granola bars, or even small toys. 

Take Care of Pain From Walking with Chiropractic & Massage

If you’re taking the kids out trick-or-treating on Halloween, or if you’re planning to spend a few hours walking around haunted houses or pumpkin patches this weekend, you may wind up feeling pain in your feet. One of the best ways to ensure that you experience a healthier Halloween is to take care of yourself holistically, and that’s where chiropractic care and massage therapy come in handy. 

Pairing chiropractic care and massage can help address muscle pain in your feet, legs, back, neck, and more. They can address the underlying issues that cause your pain and help you recover full function and heal. And if you want to protect your kids’ health, pediatric chiropractic care can make a big difference. 

Have a Happy, Healthier Halloween in Saginaw, MI

If you experience foot pain from your autumn fun, Shields Chiropractic is here to help. Make chiropractic and massage part of your healthier Halloween in Saginaw, MI—schedule your next appointment online or call us at 989-781-7700.

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