Steps You Can Take to Avoid Desk Fatigue

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March 7, 2023
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A woman is sitting at a computer desk and typing, and her neck is bent slightly forward as she looks at the monitors in front of her

Do you feel more exhausted than usual after a full day’s work? Are you lacking the energy you need to take full advantage of your evenings? You might be suffering from desk fatigue, a kind of tiredness that’s common among people who work regular desk jobs. By focusing on workplace ergonomics and considering the benefits of a standing desk, you can lessen the impact of desk fatigue and have more energy for your after-hours. 

3 Steps You Can Take to Avoid Desk Fatigue

Get Familiar with Workplace Ergonomics

The science of workplace ergonomics is the key to reducing desk fatigue and getting through your day without aches or pains. Familiarize yourself with the concept of ergonomics and apply it to the way you work, and you’ll soon find yourself having more energy and better productivity. When you become cognizant of things like proper posture, keeping your monitor level so that you can keep your neck and shoulders relaxed, and following good habits like the 20-20-20 rule, you won’t work the same way again. 

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

When you’re emphasizing workplace ergonomics, you’ll need equipment like chairs and keyboards that are functional and accommodating. A newer trend is the standing desk, which lets you move away from sitting entirely and may help minimize negative effects like back pain. Some studies link using a standing desk to better health and more calories burned over the day, and users say they have more energy and focus compared to when they used sitting desks. If you’re not totally sold, an adjustable desk that lets you alternate between sitting and standing may be a great way to go.

Support Yourself with Healthy Habits

Ultimately, desk fatigue isn’t all that different from any other fatigue you feel. When you feel tired or exhausted, it can stem from things like poor diet, too little exercise, too much stress, and not enough sleep. To eliminate the effects of desk fatigue and feel better more often, you should be taking steps to make take care of yourself. That can include better habits during the workday, including making time to get up and stretch or do light exercises and avoiding needless snacking. 

Defeat Desk Fatigue with Shields Chiropractic

Shields Chiropractic is your destination in Saginaw, MI, for services and products that can help you conquer desk fatigue. Whether you’d like a chiropractic adjustment, a relaxing massage, or natural supplements from Standard Process, schedule your appointment with us and we’ll help you be your best self.

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