Want a Healthy Spine? Stretch!

June 2, 2020
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As your local Saginaw, MI chiropractor, we think chiropractic care is one of the best things you can do for your body. At Shields Chiropractic, we are committed to more than providing you with pain relief – we want to help improve your health and wellness as a whole. One way to promote this is by regularly stretching, which pairs perfectly with chiropractic care. Here are a few reasons why stretching is good for your health.


One of our most important jobs as your chiropractor is to establish and maintain stability in your body. Making chiropractic care a part of your health and wellness routine is a great step, and stretching will only further those benefits. Stretching elongates and enhances muscle function and when done regularly, you will enjoy a stronger and well-balanced body. If you are looking for more ways to improve your health, start with a stretching routine in conjunction with regular chiropractic adjustments to keep your treatment balanced.    


As the country starts to reopen during this time of coronavirus, many of us are starting to acknowledge that we fell into the habit of leading sedentary lifestyles. We spend the majority of our time sitting down, whether it’s at a desk while working, in front of the TV, or looking down at our cell phones. Staying in these positions for extended periods of time can lead to an increase in stiffness and immobility, which we are treating patients for now more than ever. Stretching can help alleviate stiffness and will increase mobility and flexibility. If you are sitting now more than usual, try adding stretching along with chiropractic adjustments to negate some of the negative side effects and maintain your health.  


Pain relief is an important part of chiropractic and many of our patients first visit us while seeking out relief. Part of chiropractic adjustments includes removing restrictions from the vertebrae of the spine, which eases tension and relieves pain throughout the body. When you stretch regularly, you further promote this relief. As you stretch the ligaments and muscles in your body, pent up tension and stiffness are alleviated. Stretching is also great for targeting pain in large muscle groups like the low back and legs. When you combine chiropractic care and stretching, the benefits can be magnified, leaving you feeling better than ever.  

To learn more about adding stretching to your routine, just ask for suggestions during your next adjustment. To schedule an appointment, click here. The doctors at Shields Chiropractic are here to help you on your journey to great health.