Prevent a Back Injury From Pumpkin Picking

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October 17, 2023
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One of the many joys of autumn is taking the family to a pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect candidate for your next jack-o’-lantern. But before you scoop out the greatest gourd you can find, you’ll want to practice safe lifting techniques that can prevent a back injury. Proper lifting form is key for avoiding back injuries whether you’re working, exercising, or out enjoying a fall tradition. 

Safe Lifting Techniques to Prevent a Back Injury

One of the best ways to prevent a back injury is to make sure you don’t lift more than you’re capable of carrying. If you find a massive pumpkin and want to bring it home, don’t try to strong-arm it back to your SUV. Most pumpkin patches will have some kind of cart to help you transport your pumpkins without any unnecessary strain. 

If you find a pumpkin that’s a healthy size but not too heavy, safe lifting techniques are a must. Before you even consider picking up your pumpkin, make sure you’ve stretched out. Stretching can help prevent neck and back pain and is a must no matter what kind of activity you’re engaging in. 

When you’re ready to lift, start by standing with your feet at about shoulder width, which should allow you to straddle the pumpkin. From here, you’ll bend at the knees and squat down while keeping your back straight and eyes forward. Back and neck injuries from lifting are more likely if you round your back and crane your head down to look at the object. 

As you lift, keep your head and back in the same position, lifting with your legs. This puts less strain on your back and will help prevent an injury and a dropped pumpkin. You’ll want to keep the pumpkin close to your body and hold it at about waist level. If you feel more comfortable holding the pumpkin higher, don’t bring it above mid-chest, and definitely don’t hold it over your head. 

While you carry your pumpkin, make sure that you don’t twist when you need to change directions. To prevent a back injury, you’ll want to pivot with your feet to move in a new direction. 

Shields Chiropractic Can Help You Prevent a Back Injury

Safe lifting techniques are critical for preventing back injuries, and you can take other steps to protect your back and stay healthy and active. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help relieve back pain, address issues and injuries that may cause pain, and help you maintain a state of optimal health. To experience the benefits of chiropractic, call Shields Chiropractic in Midland, MI, at 989-781-7700 or schedule an appointment online.

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