The Benefits of Rehabilitative Exercise

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April 11, 2023
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A fit man with a prosthetic leg performs seated rows.

If you’ve suffered an injury or have a nagging pain that’s holding you back from being active, rehabilitative exercise is key to getting back into the game. Rehabilitative exercise is one of the many treatments for injuries to consider as you rebuild strength and stability, and it works in lockstep with other methods of injury recovery to speed up the healing process

Why Try Rehabilitative Exercise for Injury Recovery

When you’re struck down by a sports injury, it’s easy to feel defeated and become mostly inactive. Rehabilitative exercise provides a path to staying active, providing safe and effective ways to keep your body engaged as you progress through the injury recovery process. Better still, you can do many of these exercises outdoors, allowing you to get some fresh air and sunshine in the process. 

Just as importantly, rehabilitative exercise allows you to continue to strengthen your body by targeting the affected areas as well as the muscles that surround and support them. For example, if you sustain a lower back injury, rehabilitative exercise that focuses on strengthening your core can help speed up injury recovery and lower the likelihood of reoccurrences. 

Goes Great With Other Treatments for Injuries

One of the beautiful things about rehabilitative exercise for injury recovery is that you can perform it with your physical therapist or personal trainer as well as at home between appointments. And you can complement these exercises with other treatments for injuries, including the different types of rehabilitative therapy offered at Shields Chiropractic in Saginaw, MI. 

Among the many approaches to injury recovery you can try are options like manual treatment, cold laser therapy, and supplementation with Standard Process products. We also offer core stabilizing therapy specifically for building core strength, which supports good spine health in the long run. Other treatments for injuries that we may recommend include transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, spinal traction, and nutritional counseling. Any and all of these approaches can be used in conjunction with rehabilitative exercise depending on the severity of your injury. 

Visit Shields Chiropractic for Injury Recovery

If you’re looking for fast, effective injury recovery, rehabilitative exercise can be a big help. So can the team at Shields Chiropractic in Saginaw, MI. Schedule a visit online or call 989-781-7700 to learn more about our many treatments for injuries.

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