The Benefits of Orthotics for Running a 5K

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November 21, 2023
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Running a 5K is a Thanksgiving tradition for many in Saginaw, MI. If you’ve ever done one or have considered it, you understand how much preparation goes into making those miles count. Ordering custom orthotics from Shields Chiropractic should be part of your prep because they provide great benefits that can help with everything from running your first 5K to getting through your workweek. 

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics for Running a 5K

Foot Levelers offers several varieties of custom orthotics tailor-made for runners—literally. One of the biggest benefits of choosing custom orthotics for running a 5K over store-bought options is that they’re made to fit your foot perfectly. This means they’re more effective when it comes to cushioning your foot, supporting your arches, and reducing side effects like soreness in your knees and back. 

The XP3+ is one of the best custom orthotics for running a 5K because it’s created with athletes in mind. Foot Levelers recommends the XP3+ orthotic for triathletes and marathon runners, promising 90% shock absorption, a 3 Arch Advantage™ that supports overall performance, and superior odor and moisture control. 

If you want a custom orthotic insert that works for everything from running a 5K to putting in eight hours at the office, consider the InMotion+™. This insert offers 47% more shock absorption than its predecessor and 130% improved propulsion, perfect for getting off the starting line and keeping your stride.

Chances are good that if you’re running a 5K, you’ve invested in a good pair of running shoes. Custom orthotics build on the benefits of footwear for athletes by providing additional support and preventing aches and pain, helping you push toward your new personal best. And wearing them in your daily life can improve circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and improve your posture

Explore Custom Orthotics for Runners in Saginaw, MI

The benefits of wearing custom orthotics are well worth it if you’re running a 5K this Thanksgiving or any time in the months to come. To learn more about these benefits and discover the advantages Foot Levelers custom orthotics provide for runners, schedule an appointment at Shields Chiropractic in Saginaw, MI, or give us a call at 989-781-7700

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