Natural Supplements for Energy Support

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May 16, 2023
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A small table holds three small glass jars containing natural supplements. Two people are seated mostly off camera, and one is holding a capsule in their right hand.

Do you wish that you had more energy? You’re not alone, and you’re certainly not helpless. Standard Process is a leading provider of natural supplements, and that includes several exceptional products that can give you a much-needed boost. These natural supplements for energy support adrenal function, cardiovascular health, and other processes that’ll put a spring in your step. 

3 Natural Supplements for Energy Support

Catalyn® with Iron

Catalyn® with Iron, formerly known as e-Poise®, provides energy support by bolstering the process of energy metabolism. Thanks to key nutrients like riboflavin and vitamins D and B6, Catalyn® with Iron makes it easier for your cells to produce energy. That energy produced by the cells helps improve vitality, which allows you to stay more energized for longer periods of time. That means you can enjoy exercising outdoors in Saginaw while the weather is nice. 


B6-Niacinamide also helps support energy metabolism with 50 milligrams of vitamin B6. This key nutrient is critical for different biomechanics including digestive function, cardiovascular health, and a healthy central nervous system. By helping so many integral systems fire on all cylinders and promoting energy metabolism, B6-Niacinamide is one of the best supplements for energy support in the Standard Process portfolio. 


A lack of energy can be the result of adrenal fatigue, which happens when your glands don’t produce enough energy-boosting hormones. Drenamin® is one of the more effective supplements for energy support because it directly boosts adrenal function. Healthy adrenal glands are essential for balancing your mood, responding appropriately to stressors, and having the energy you need to tackle everything in your busy day. 

Get Energy Support at Shields Chiropractic

Summer tends to be a busy time of year in Saginaw, MI, and Shields Chiropractic can help ensure you don’t miss a beat. We offer Standard Process natural supplements as well as other services that provide energy support, including chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. For everything from better adrenal function to natural pain relief, schedule an appointment at Shields Chiropractic to get the most out of the season ahead.

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