Better Immune System Health for School

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August 1, 2023
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It’s just about time for kids and teachers to go back to school, and that can only mean one thing: germs getting passed around the classroom like a note. It’s tough to avoid getting sick if you have a child or work as an educator, but you can give your body a fighting chance with natural immune system health supplements from Standard Process

4 Great Supplements for Better Immune System Health


As the name might suggest, Allerplex® is a particularly handy supplement for allergy season. Because it’s packed with vitamin A, it works to support healthier mucous membranes, which makes it easier to ward off allergens. Mucous membranes also protect the immune system by fighting off germs and bacteria, which can help you avoid getting sick. 


Congaplex® directly supports better immune system health, bolstering the thymus gland and promoting cellular production with riboflavin. With natural ingredients like alfalfa and buckwheat, Congaplex® is packed with key nutrients that help keep your immune system strong. 

Echinacea Premium

Echinacea Premium is one of the best supplements Standard Process offers for immune system support because it combines the roots of Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea, which work together to boost immunity. What’s more, Echinacea Premium works synergistically with other immune system support supplements, including Albizia Complex and Rehmannia Complex.

Epimune Complex

If you’re looking for a vegan option, Epimune Complex supports a healthy immune system with tested ingredients, including EpiCor® and maitake and turkey tail mushrooms. These potent ingredients support better respiratory health and white blood cell production, which help you avoid getting sick. Epomune Complex is also in vitamin C and zinc, which promote better immune system health and functionality. 

Support Your Immune System Health in Saginaw, MI

These and other great Standard Process supplements can support your immune system and keep you in better health throughout the school year. If you want to maximize the results and avoid getting sick, take a holistic approach to health with immunity-boosting treatments like chiropractic care and massage therapy. Schedule an appointment at Shields Chiropractic and come visit us at our offices in Saginaw, MI. 

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